Home of the Enigma cracking Colossus computer looking for support from UK tech firms

Historic site looks to UK IT industry for investment

The Bletchley Park Trust – the organisation tasked with maintaining the world’s first computer – is looking for investment from UK technology firms to help keep the machine and its site functional and open to the public.

The Trust has already attracted some cash donations from computing giants such as IBM, but it claims more will be needed in order to preserve the Colossus machine, which is largely recognised to be the world’s first computer and was responsible for cracking the Enigma code during World War Two.

“The aim of the Trust is now to turn Bletchley Park into a world-class heritage and educational centre to reflect the significance of the technological advances made here and the impact they had on the outcome of World War Two and the Twentieth Century,” Simon Greenish, director of Bletchley Park Trust, told PC Retail. “Any assistance given in achieving this aim by modern PC and technology firms would be tremendous.

“We would be delighted to see UK technology firms getting involved in driving awareness and upkeep of Bletchley Park. IBM and PGP have demonstrated their support by making a £50,000 donation to The National Museum of Computing which, although a different organisation to the Bletchley Park Trust, is housed here and is all part of our visitor experience.

“However, there is great scope and opportunity for other firms to develop partnerships with Bletchley Park and we believe there are huge possibilities for some prestigious brand association initiatives. For that match-funding to come from a UK technology firm would be marvelously fitting.”

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