?Green PC? 80 per cent smaller than most desktops

Dell launches ultra-small desktop PC

PC vendor Dell has announced the launch of its new Studio Hybrid line of desktops.

These tiny computers are around 80 per cent smaller than standard desktop towers and consume around 70 per cent less power.

The Studio Hybrid will run on an Intel Core 2 Duo T8100, support four gigabytes of RAM, will have 320 gigabytes of storage memory and comes with Windows Vista preloaded.

Earlier in the year these computers could be seen wrapped in a bamboo casing, billed as a ‘green PC’ in development. The Hybrids use mostly laptop components, which accounts for the reduction in size and power consumption.

The Hybrid has an Energy Star 4.0 certification and a recycling kit, meaning that Dell will help you recycle the PC once you move on.

However, despite these benefits, the Hybrid will not be able to perform taxing tasks such as running high end games, some tests have shown frame rates lower than one per second.

The Studio Hybrid will retail at $499, which will be initially available through Dell’s website. The screen, which will be available through retailers later this year will carry a price of $689 and will come in six colours.

Link: Techworld
Specs: PC Mag

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