Innovative new technologies are being developed thanks to internet sexual practices, claims ?cybersex expert?

?Sexual choices? drive new technologies

The growing number of computer users engaging in sexual activities over the internet are driving new and innovative technologies, according to Dr Trudy Barber, a cybersex expert from the University of Portsmouth.

She is due to deliver a lecture on the subject at a ‘Sexual Pleasures’ conference at the Royal Society of Medicine, where she will lay out how things such as ‘fetishism’ are influencing the way people use technology and how it can drive development.

“People are inspired by their own sexual inclinations which results in some innovative uses of technology," she said. "Nothing shocks me now although I’m frequently surprised at how ingenious people are in order to obtain sexual satisfaction. Computer technology touches so many aspects of our lives it’s really not so surprising that it would infiltrate and influence our sex lives. In contemporary western society sex is for pleasure and for entertainment and computers will have an increasing role to play.”

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