Sony expects acceptance of Blu-ray to ?accelerate?

Blu-ray makes further gains

Following news from HMV that Blu-ray discs were outselling HD DVDs comes confirmation that Blu-ray players are following suit.

Data from research firm NPD Group showed that Blu-ray players (excluding PlayStation 3) took nearly 93 per cent of hardware sales in the week following Warner Brothers’ decision to back Blu-ray exclusively.

In contrast, the first week of January saw HD DVD players control 49 per cent of the market.

According to numbers from Nielsen, Blu-ray Disc sales control 85 per cent of the post-CES market.

Commenting on the aftermath of the Warner Brother’s decision, David Walstra official spokesperson for Blu-ray and vice chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association, told PC Retail: “Naturally we expect [Warner’s decision] to accelerate the acceptance of the Blu-ray Disc format in the European market.

“It will allow us to focus more on educating the market, where there is still work to do. For example, to explain the benefits of HD and the role Blu-ray can play in this.”

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