Gartner warns firms avoiding upgrading risk incompatibility with new Vista-specific versions of key software

Delaying adoption of Vista is dangerous

Delaying adoption of Vista could hit businesses heavily, according to the latest report from Gartner.

The analyst group has warned businesses that are delaying the role out of Vista till 2009/10 that they risk not being able to use the latest versions of software they rely on, because the vendors may stop producing it for Windows XP.

It warned that many businesses are looking at the situation from the angle of Windows support, but the firm said they needed to start considering potential problems from a software angle if they wanted to avoid headaches further down the line.

"Organizations that tried to skip Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP often had ISV (independent software vendor) support issues, and a difficult and rushed or forced migration," the report warned.

It also had severe warnings for companies considering skipping Vista altogether. It said that there was no guarantee, and in fact that it was unlikely, that the driver issues that have plagued Vista so far, would be resolved for the next version of Microsoft’s OS, codenamed Windows 7.

"Organizations that try to skip Windows Vista are likely to undergo the same perils," added the report.

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