Reports suggest O2 has only activated 26,500 iPhones in the UK

Only a quarter of iPhones activated?

The figure, as suggested by The Register web site, implies that only a quarter of the 100,000 iPhones reportedly sold in the UK since its launch on November 9 has been properly ‘turned on’.

If the speculation is correct then there are two possible explanations: devices are being purchased as Christmas gifts and will be unlocked after Jesus’s birthday, or they’re being unlocked and used/re-sold SIM free. Or a bit of both.

The iPhone has certainly made an impact in Europe, even if sales haven’t been as resounding as they have been in the US (1.4m sold since June). Pollster GfK has revealed that 88 per cent of people have heard of the device. However, it also reported that three-quarters say it’s too expensive.

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