Anti-competitive ruling means T-Mobile offers iPhone for uncompetitive price

German iPhone yours for a grand – unlocked

Following Vodafone’s successful complaint to the German court that the obliging iPhone owners to take out a contract with T-Mobile is anti-competitive, T-Mobile is now offering an unlocked verson of the phone for a whopping 999 Euros.

This appears to be a somewhat sulky response by T-Mobile to the temporary injunction, as surely not German consumer in their right mind will pay a 600 Euro premium just to get their phone unlocked. Especially not when T-Mobile is apparently offering to do it for free for those bought earlier this week and there appears to be no assurance that the unlocked phone won’t be ‘bricked’ when the software is updated.

T-Mobile is still offering the the three tariffs it always planned to and is expecting the original arrangement to be upheld when the full legal review is complete. The unlocked alternative doesn’t seem to be available on the website.

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