Dell, HP, Nvidia and Alienware to name just a few back new Enthusiast System Architecture

New industry standard announced

Dell, HP, Nvidia and Alienware are just a few of the big names behind a new industry standard aimed at providing real-time monitoring and control of PC power supplies, chassis, and water-cooling systems.

The Enthusiast System Architecture standard is designed to provide a way for system components to communicate with each other to adjust operating parameters with the intention of increasing performance, efficiently.

The standard promises to help vendors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts to build finely tuned and higher performance PCs than they could have with existing proprietary solutions.

"The industry-standard device communication protocol provided with ESA enables a rich set of tools for tuning PC hardware performance. These tools offer PC enthusiasts more flexible and granular control over primary system support components," said Kevin Kettler, chief technology officer at Dell.

"For example, the ESA standard communication method is used in Dell’s unique LightFX architecture, and will help accelerate development of deeply immersive ambient lighting in PC games."

The full list of participants in the ESA is:

Major PC OEMs: Dell and HP
Major System Builders: Alienware, Falcon Northwest and Maingear
Global Motherboard Providers: ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, and XFX
Global PSU, Chassis, and Cooling Device Providers: CoolerMaster, CoolIT Systems, PC Power & Cooling, SilverStone, Tagan, Thermaltake, and Ultra

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