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Lobbying starts for PCR Awards

Today marks the beginning of the lobbying proccess for the PC Retail awards, to be held in central London’s Cafe Royal on Thursday March 13th 2008.

The awards have been created to acknowledge the hard work of the UK computer retailer and reseller channels. Thus they will reward those teams and organisations that have contributed to the UK PC industry, be they retailers, resellers, distributors or vendors.

The nominees for each award will be decided by the PC Retail team, but will be infuenced by the suggestions we receive from you. Once the nominees are decided, the winners will be chosen by a panel of 75 independent judges, who’s names will not be revealed until after they’ve voted.

The lobbying process has a deadline of November 9th, so be sure to send your suggestions to the editor, scott.bicheno@intentmedia.co.uk, before then. There’s no need for lengthy submissions or powerpoint presentations, just send an email or call on 01992 535 646 to tell us why we should consider a given team or business.

While the PC Retail team is handling the nominations, all other enquires, such as tickets and sponsorship, should be directed to Kathryn Humphrey at event organiser Barrington Harvey – kathryn.humphrey@bhpr.co.uk, 01462 456780.

So don’t be shy, drop us a line and tell us why we should nominate your choice for a prestigious PC Retail award. They’re your awards and some people are so keen that they’ve already started lobbying! The categories are below, we look forward to hearing from you.

Frontine Awards

High Street Independent
High Street Multiple
Online Retailer
Value Added Reseller
Best Technical Support

Distribution Awards

Sales Team: Home
Sales Team: Business
Sales Innovation
Marketing and PR Team
Specialist Distributor

Vendor Awards

Sales Team: Home
Sales Team: Business
Marketing and PR Team: Home
Marketing and PR Team: Business
Specialist Vendor

Grand Prix

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