New update may render unlocked phones useless and irrepairable

Apple update will kill unlocked iPhones

The latest iPhone update to be released could leave phones that have been tampered with useless. The update released recently by Apple was originally designed to neutralise the phone so those who have unlocked will be forced back onto network provider, AT&T.

The warranty of iPhones that are unlocked has been declared void by Apple , meaning that if the owner did click the update tab and thus ruined their phone for good, they would have little chance of claiming against the company.

In a statement from Apple, senior vice president, Phil Schiller, said: "It’s unfortunate that some of these programs have caused damage to the iPhone software, but Apple cannot be responsible for … those consequences."

However, John McLaughlin of, a firm capable of unlocking iPhones, Said: "We have reviewed the source code of a number of these applications and to the best of our knowledge any changes made to the software can easily be reversed.
"After unlocking the iPhone, minimal effort is required to get it in to its previously locked state."

In other iPhone news, according to hackers have vowed to fight Apple every step of the way to keep the iPhone available on networks other than AT&T.

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