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Edimax technology launches print server

Edimax Technology has launched the PS-1216U, a Combo Print Server that enables users to share a GDI printer by simply connecting the preferred printer to the USB port of the PS-1216U.

Very few print servers are currently on sale that are able to support Graphical Device Interface (GDI) or so called host-based printers. Contrary to standard printers that use PostScript or PCL language to prepare pages for display or printing, GDI printers rely on their host computers to convert pages into an image format. The PS-1216U features a special technology that allows the print server to communicate with the GDI printer as if it were directly connected to the computer. This feature allows users to change the GDI printer into a device that can easily be shared with multiple users.

The PS-1216U supports GDI printing in Windows 2000 (SP4 and above), Windows XP (SP1 and above) and Windows Vista. In addition, the device integrates a DHCP Server and client protocols, and supports LPR, IPP and Raw printing methods. Easy installation and configuration are provided with a web based management and the Windows Configuration Utility. The Fault-Tolerant function ensures that a firmware upgrade continues even if problems occur during the initial upgrade process.

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