Warns criminals are avoiding "noisy, nuisance attacks" and are even working together

Symantec highlights online dangers

Symantec has released a report detailing the current dangers cyber-criminals are posing and detailing how widespread the problem currently is.

According to the report released by the security company, during the first six months of this year over 212,000 threats were logged by the security firm – a massive 185 per cent increase over the last six months of 2006. It also warned that criminal groups are increasingly working together to increase the scope and effectiveness of their activities.

"If you’re making noisy, nuisance attacks, you’re alerting people. And that’s not the goal. If you want to make money you want to be quiet," said Symantec’s global intelligence network director, Dean Turner. "We’ve seen a real sophistication and a real commercialization of professional attack tools."

The company also said that its research also indicated that the use of bot-infected PCs had decreased by 17 per cent in the first six months of the year. It however warned that it can not accurately predict how many PCs are running under the control of other criminals.

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