Second report in as many days suggests games are becoming major focus of cyber-crime

Trojans penetrate online gaming

The evidence that online games are increasingly becoming the primary target of fraudsters and criminals has been backed up by a report out yesterday by Kaspersky Labs lured by the promise of "easy money" and an eager customer base for items on the black market.

The report highlights the current risks facing online gamers including what is increasingly becoming known as ‘spear-phishing’, trojans that attack vulnerabilities within the games servers and last but not least, keyloggers.

According to the report, 40 per cent of all trojans are aimed at Lineage 2 with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft being the second most popular target with 20 per cent of all known trojans aimed at extracting information from its players.

As reported by PC Retail yesterday, Computer Associates also recently identified online gaming as a key growth area in cyber-crime.

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