Bandwidth purchase and iPhone unlockers may make AT&T tense

Apple to give AT&T a migraine?

Coinciding with the announcement that are taking pre-orders for iPhone unlocking services, it has been speculated that Apple may be about to enter the wireless networking market. According to tech site, TheRegister, interest in the auction of the 700MHz bandwidth, by the Federal communications commissions, has been declared by Jobs and co.

Executives at AT&T will likely be scratching their heads this week to think of a back up plan if Apple chooses to purchase the bandwidth and enter the wireless networking market. However, with speculation comes reasoning, it would surely be uncharacteristic of Apple to delve into a market where they would be forced, under the FCC’s new rules for the band, to open up the spectrum to competing applications and devices.

To rub salt in the to-be-opened wound, three companies are officially taking Iphone unlocking pre-orders. has been widely reported to be offering a $99 unlocking service, which will enable other networks to be compatible with the mobile. However, PC Retail has noticed that the reports are gradually being removed from a number of UK tech websites, perhaps for legal reasons.

A second and third company have also come forward to announce the same service for $50, however, one is based in Australia and the other in Germany and all companies are still only taking pre-orders, suggesting there are still legal bridges to be burnt.

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