Sony inadvertently reveals fact at CEDIA US event

CEDIA: Blu-ray sees declining sales

Sony has inadvertently revealed that it is seeing declining sales of Blu-ray movies, while also revealing that HD-DVD has slowly clawed away at Sony’s lead – which at its height saw Blu-ray with a market share of 75 per cent.

The graph, photographed by Anandtech at CEDIA US, also reveals that while Sony suffers heavily from fluctuations in sales, HD-DVD despite having slightly lower sales is overall consistent with its peaks and troughs being much less profound.

Sony also displayed a graph that showed the market share of Blu-ray, HD-DVD and dual format players with Sony’s format only managing to overtake Toshiba’s format by any significant margin when the PS3 received a price cut in the US and Japan – hinting that Sony’s claims may not be a black-and-white as first thought.

It also revealed that despite having to compete against standalone Blu-ray players and the PS3, HD-DVD is slowly clawing back its lead with the two formats market share being – Blu-ray, boosted by sales of the PS3 standing at 55 per cent and HD-DVD at 43 per cent. Dual format players account for the remaining two per cent.

The HD-DVD forum recently cited figures which it claims shows that when you remove the PS3, which it argues should not be included because people do not buy it for playing high definition movies and therefore distorts the true user bases, gives HD-DVD a market share of 70 per cent.

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