Manufacturer manages to crack dual layered re-recordable conumdrum

JVC creates 8.5GB RW-DVD

JVC has announced that it has developed the world’s first single-sided dual layer DVD-RW disc expanding the 8.5GB size limit to re-recordable disks – a size that had previously only been available on dual layer single record discs.

According to the company, it has developed the discs so that they can be recorded and re-recorded over about 1,000 times. JVC also claims that the discs have a 150-fold increase over any other type of DVD thanks to the ‘hard coat’ that the disc has – made necessary because of the need to be able to re-record over and over again.

It also said that the media can resist the build up of oily substances such as fingerprint marks, as well as static build up and dust damage.

The format does have its limitations though. JVC says that it can only be played back in drives that supports the format rendering all current DVD players incompatible.

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