Living room PC launched in the US, expected in Europe later this year

Sony makes digital home move

Sony has produced a 300GB hard drive PC designed specifically for the living room. The living room PC has so far been a difficult market for manufacturers to break, with aesthetics being a principal hurdle.

Sony produced the Vaio TP1, which looks similar a digital TV box, to counter the image problem that having a PC in the lounge arises. It will be able to link up to the TV and will feature a wireless keyboard and remote so users can flick around from the comfort of the sofa.

Frequently accessed features including the optical drive, USB ports and multi-card reader are found on the front of the unit, hidden behind a blended slide-away panel, while constantly-connected terminals are hidden from sight on the back of the unit.

The massive 300GB available suggests it will be capable of dealing with large entertainment files such as movies and games. The system will come with an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor and Windows Vista™ Home Premium operating system uploaded.

A source at Sony confirmed: "Sony is looking into the possibility of launching a living room specific PC into Europe later this year but no further details are available at present." Its U.S. price is $1,599.

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