Archos's managing director of Northern Europe believes this is the year MP4 becomes mainstream

“The Christmas of MP4”

Archos’s managing director for Northern Europe, Tony Limrick has told PC Retail that he believes "this will be the Christmas of MP4".

Explaining how he sees his company’s next generation of portable media players performing, Limrick was keen to get across that it isn’t just the view of Archos, who are the market leaders in MP4 players, but that of many retailers.

He also said that he sees Archos’s next generation of PMP’s could revolutionise MP4 the way that the iPod did the MP3 market.

"There is an expectation among retailers that MP4 is about to move away from the domain of the more technically minded, into the realms of the mass market," said Limrick. "Independent retailers, and the nationals of course, have a great opportunity to inform customers about the benefits of MP4."

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