IQ PC aimed at improving education in Indian schools

Microsoft to launch budget PC in India

Microsoft is to launch a £250 PC in India.

The move – part of the firm’s worldwide ‘unlimited potential’ programme which aims to see PCs in the hands of one-billion people by 2010 – is designed to help Indian school children with their education, and coincides with the launch of an educational channel on MSN’s portal in India.

The new Microsoft IQ PC is powered by AMD and built by Zenith Computers. The computers will set back buyers by 21,000 Rupees (£250).

But Microsoft is keen to point out that it is not aiming it at the lowest end of the market where PCs are often sold with illegally pirated copies of Windows installed on PCs, often at no extra cost.

The IQ PC will also come with a variety of education-orientated software including Encarta and Office as well as other specialist education software.

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