A study finds cybercriminals using mind games to get our info and cash

Cyber-baddies doing our heads in

Security software company McAfee has announced findings from new research revealing how organised crime is employing psychological mind games to trick PC users into handing over personal information and money.

The investigation into cybercrime trends suggests Internet fraudsters are exploiting our deepest psychological vulnerabilities in the latest email scams. such as assuming trustworthy identities, engaging in friendly banter and targeting human emotions such as fear, insecurity and greed.

Stupidity also seems to be an ally of the cyber rotters; When an online ad promised to infect the computers of all those that clicked with a virus, 400 people still did exactly that.

Cybercriminals are capitalising on new social trends too. The MySpace and Facebook generation, with their frequent and informal use of email and site updates, often fail to question the legitimacy of emails or links and users have become the unsuspecting victims of both phishing and ID theft scams.

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