The software giant is developing downloadable, dialect specific dictionaries for the UK

Microsoft learns UK lingo

Microsoft is rounding off a project to set up downloadable dictionaries tailored to UK regional dialects. Users around the UK were asked to submit regional words, to which the firm received thousands of responses.

The dictionaries will work with Microsoft Office, and will be available to download free in July, reported The BBC.

The project initially cropped up in Australia. Microsoft UK quickly saw the benefits of implementing the process to accommodate the huge amount of regional dialects in the UK.

"It’s the diversity of Britain’s dialects that has led us to develop the new dictionaries. So in future, your Microsoft Outlook will be able to recognise e-mails where you ask your ‘marra’ to get you a ‘buttie’ instead of inserting red lines beneath all the unfamiliar words," said Microsoft Office 2007 product manager Darren Strange.

"We wanted to give everyone the chance to adapt and personalise their software, and at the same time recognise the diversity of dialects we use here in the UK that makes us completely different to any other country in the world."

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