US tech firm says internet file sharing can be halted

SafeMedia vows to end P2P menace

An American tech firm called SafeMedia has told the US House Committee on Science and Technology that an end to peer-to-peer file sharing networks could be in sight – if the US body forces universities to buy its software, the Inquirer reports.

Accusing the academic institutions of failing to adopt effective policies to deal with illegal-file sharing, the firm claims that enforced use of its P2P Disaggregator can bring these networks to a halt.

The software works by: “draining the illegal content of those networks. It detects and prohibit illegal P2P traffic while allowing the passage of legal P2P such as BitTorrent. It is plugged in as a subnet as a bridge and it goes to work without altering their network topology."

Peer-to-peer networks are responsible for the illegal global distribution of copyrighted media, such as music, films and games.

Whilst such measures would be unable to effect P2P traffic from countries outside the US, it could be the first step toward tackling this growing global problem.

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