The firm showcases the successor to the i-Ram at Computex

Gigabyte unveils GO-RAMDiSK-BOX

Gigabyte has taken the opportunity at Computex to showcase its GO-RAMDiSK-BOX – similar to the previous i-Ram, but contained within a 5.25-inch box. It has DDR-400 memory compatibility and capacities of up to 4GB across its four slots, reported Daily Tech.

The GO-RAMDiSK-BOX is powered from a standard four-pin power connector rather than a PCI slot, of which there are sometimes a limited number. As with previous models, the new GO-RAMDiSK-BOX features a SATA 1.5Gbps interface, while a new ‘easy button’ and status LED has been added.

No information on pricing and availability has been announced, however Daily Tech speculates that the GO-RAMDiSK-BOX will carry a similar price tag to the i-Ram.

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