Californian firm accuses Sony of breaching alloy technology

Blu-Ray faces patent battle

Sony’s hi-def Blu-Ray format is preparing to face off against a proposed lawsuit from Californian firm Target Technology after it accused Sony of infringing a patented design regarding corrosion resistant thin film alloys.

Both Sony Computer Entertainment America and Sony Pictures stand accused. Target is seeking a permanent injunction preventing the Japanese firm violating the patent in the future. Were it to succeed, there’s the possibility that Blu-Ray discs could be pulled from the shelves.

Sony’s Blu-Ray format is currently at loggerheads with Toshiba’s rival HD-DVD format for supremacy in the still developing hi-def content market, though the technology’s inclusion in Sony’s PlayStation 3 seems to be helping its format recapture the lead HD-DVD gained as a result of being first to market.

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