CEO of the software giant Steve Ballmer has said his firm is open to large acquisitions.

Microsoft: Large mergers conceivable

According to Reuters Steve Ballmer has said that large scale corporate acquisitions are “conceivable.”

"We have not, by default, opted for acquisitions as part of our strategy, but we don’t count them out either," said the Microsoft CEO. "In general, though (we focus on) smaller deals, we are open to large acquisitions.”

The comments could stoke recent rumours that the software giant was set to buy internet firm Yahoo! for something in the region of $50 billion.

Ballmer refused to comment directly to the question of weather or not Microsoft was interested in acquisitions in the $40 to $50 billion range In an onstage interview with Software 2007 conference organizer M.R. Rangaswami. Reuters pointed out that the question was a backhanded reference to the recent Yahoo! merger rumours.

"Anything is conceivable," Ballmer replied. "Typically we do not do large (deals) relative to our overall size. (We do deals) to fit into what we are doing or as platforms to us into whole new businesses."

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