Sources claim less than 250 legitimate copies of Vista sold in opening fortnight.

Piracy dogs Chinese Vista sales

Despite investing a considerable sum in its Chinese launch, Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system appears to be struggling in the face of the country’s rampant piracy market, with sales in its first two weeks on the market allegedly numbering only 244. reports that the problem is most likely down to the fact that whilst legitimate copies of the software cost hundreds of dollars, pirated versions are widely available for around $1 each.

Microsoft has erected a large 400+ metre advertising banner in Shanghai to promote its new operating system. But with the average Chinese wage being so low, it will be difficult to convince people to fork out on the full price product.

The Chinese market has proved incredibly profitable for those who have succeeded in cracking it. The global success of Blizzard’s MMORPG World of Warcraft, for example, is underpinned by its immense popularity in the East.

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