PC Pro has slammed Apple for the ‘myths’ exposed in its recent ad campaign.

Apple ? don?t believe the hype

Celebrated by some, condemned by others – Apple’s recent ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ adverts became a manifestation of the overriding animosity between the rival platforms when they emerged in the UK earlier this year.

Consumer magazine PC Pro has weighed into the dispute with a feature in its latest issue, which offers 32 reasons why PCs are superior to Macs and challenges the ‘myths’ propagated in the adverts.

The article asserts that PCs are faster, cheaper, more environmentally friendly, easier to upgrade and more up-to-date than Macs. It also attacks the Macs relative inability to be upgraded or customised and the vacuum of compatible gaming titles.

"We’re here to provide a defence against the tidal wave of Apple propaganda," said Tim Danton, editor of PC Pro. "PCs have numerous advantages over Macs for both consumers and businesses, but that’s hardly surprising when you consider that Apple recently admitted it’s more concerned with fine-tuning its iPhone than working on its latest operating system."

In the wake of the Mac and PC advertisement campaign, PC Retail reported that Apple’s consumer perception suffered a drop in the UK, according to figures from YouGov’s BrandIndex.

The web story prompted a unprecedented number of responses from Mac users all over the world, vehemently defending not only the adverts but also the Mac’s integrity as a system – something the article did not touch upon.

Some might claim that the extent of the anger displayed in the responses is indicative of an insecurity running through the Mac camp. What it shows indisputably is the extent of the rivalry, at a time when Intel powered Macs using Word and PowerPoint and PCs loaded with iTunes software arguably point to an era where the two formats have never looked so similar.

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