Gatwick Airport gets world's first Flash memory vending machine.

Memory vending machine hits Gatwick

Travellers going through the London airport’s busy north terminal will be able to buy SD cards, CompactFlash cards and DataTraveler USB drives from the vending machine. Should it prove successful, similar machines could be installed in other highly populated public areas.

Vendor Kingston Technology is supplying the memory products, while Jersey based MyMemory is in charge of operating the chip and pin based machines, according to The Inquirer.

Kingston sales director Ann Keefe said: “Consumers want instant access to SD cards and USB drives as they need them 24/7, so vending machines in public spaces was the most obvious solution."

Elsewhere, Kingston Technology recently launched a mini USB flash drive which allows users to transfer system settings and data to any guest computer. The DataTraveler Mini is powered by Migo software which lets people access, send, and receive new e-mail via outlook express or Mozilla thunderbird on the desktop by storing e-mail options onto the DataTraveler drive. Any changes made to the general system while using the guest computer are automatically saved when the drive is returned to the main computer as the Migo software synchronises the two together.

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