The months of rumours suggesting that Intel is moving into graphics cards have been officially confirmed on the firm’s own recruitment site.

It?s official ? Intel to produce discrete GPUs

Intel is advertising jobs within the newly set up Visual Computing Group, which will concentrate on the manufacture of graphics chip product for gaming and digital product creation. The group appears to be the new public name for Larrabee Development Group, which caused a stir in the industry when it began advertising for jobs last year.

“Intel’s Visual Computing Group (VCG) has the mission to establish the future of computing for high-throughput workloads,” says the advert on Intel’s website. “We are focused on developing discrete graphics products based on a many-core architecture targeting high-end client platforms. Our vision is that the resulting ingredients and technology will extend to mobile clients, servers, and embedded platforms over time. VCG will initially focus on discrete graphics products but will also expand the previous charter to include developing plans for accelerated CPU integration.”

The latter part of the advert also seems to state Intel’s intention to compete with AMD’s recently announced Fusion technology which incorporates GPU facilities into hub CPUs.

Intel’s last sortie into the discreet graphic ship market ended in a series of product terminations. Following the acquisition of Chips and Technologies in 1997, the firm began work on the i740 which was later canned. The firm was also working on the i752 and the i754, both of which were scrapped in 1999.

However it does now look like Intel is once again going to go it alone in the graphics chip sector, finally putting a cross through extended speculation towards a possible takeover of graphics specialist Nvidia. 

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