Joe Hemani.

Westcoast launches a week of celebrations for its 40th anniversary

Westcoast is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, having been founded in 1983.  Some 1000 current staff across the UK and Europe and many that have worked at Westcoast in the past will be reminiscing as the company kicks off a week of celebrations.

With revenues of £3.6bn in the financial year 2022, Westcoast continues to grow organically, bringing an agility and flexibility to the UK and Europe which is needed by retailers, resellers and solution providers.

“It has been one of key reasons for Westcoast’s success,” said executive director Alex Tatham. “Reacting quickly to our customers’ demands allows them to support their end users.  But even more importantly is the way our people come across to their partners, customers and stakeholders.  The strong values held by our people across the whole business reinforce Westcoast’s brand and ensure an unrelenting focus on growing Westcoast’s business and with it their partner’s businesses.”

Joe Hemani, chairman and founder recalled: “For me personally there have been many highlights over the years, from the ongoing dedication, hard work and fantastic achievements of our people to the many lasting partnerships we have built with our suppliers and customers. We have also grown closer to our local community through charity work and many other employee-led initiatives. Looking back over the last 40 years, there is no doubt we have faced our fair share of challenges mainly mirroring the rise and fall of the general UK economy.  But we have always been profitable, have always been strong channel advocates and have always re-invested in the business.”

Tatham said: “Distribution is a people business primarily – customers and vendors put their trust in Westcoast.  Fulfilling this trust over 40 years has led to the company’s amazing success and longevity and everyone at Westcoast looks forward to continuing to deliver in ever greater amounts to more suppliers and more customers in more territories in the coming years.”

With the recent acquisition of German telecommunications distributor Komsa AG, growth for 2023 is set to continue apace and the prospects for Westcoast are greater than ever.  But for now, the business is going to take a short moment to reflect and celebrate.  This will be led by the planting 40,000 trees with two chosen providers, giving something back and providing a legacy for the company’s employees past, present and future.

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