Cisco launches program for customers and partners to accelerate tech investments

Cisco has introduced its Cisco Capital Business Acceleration Program. Offered through Cisco Capital, the program is designed to help customers mitigate financial challenges based on overall market uncertainty. The Cisco Capital Business Acceleration Program is expected to enhance organizations’ access to the solutions they need to keep investing in their ongoing digital transformation.

“The Cisco Capital Business Acceleration Program is in response to customer and partner requests to help mitigate financial challenges based on overall market uncertainty and the impact that it is having on their businesses. Our goal is to provide payment options that allow continuous technology investment to maintain productivity and business continuity while minimizing cash outlays,” said Kristine Snow, SVP and president, Cisco Capital. “Customer success is our priority. The new program is designed with this in mind and will help address some of our customers’ most pressing concerns.”

Cash flow is a top concern for Cisco customers and partners in the current environment. The Cisco Capital Business Acceleration Program will allow customers purchasing Cisco products or solutions before July 29, 2023, to defer all payments until 2024. Payments deferred until 2024 would be based on the total amount financed and contract terms. For partners, the program provides another flexible payment option to introduce to their customers enabling them to make needed Cisco technology investments today, while maximizing cash preservation.

All Cisco solutions are eligible for this program, including hardware, software, and services, as well as select partner services and third-party hardware. To complement the initiative, the Cisco Refresh portfolio of Cisco certified remanufactured products is also eligible for the Cisco Capital Business Acceleration Program, helping organizations acquire competitively priced and ready-to-ship hardware.

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