Circular Computing launches Remanufacturing-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Circular Computing has rolled out its latest Remanufacturing-as-a-Service (RaaS) to tackle the growing e-waste crisis.

Circular Computing will take in laptops from companies and send them through its own unique Circular Remanufacturing Process to give them a second life, which the company claim is greatly improved to that of current methods of refurbishment.

The new as-a-service model will help businesses in the UK and across the world tackle three of their most pressing crises in the current climate:

  • Financially, the service offers companies an opportunity to lower their IT procurement costs, by up to 70%
  • Mitigating supply chain issues, as Circular Computing remanufactures existing products to ‘equal or better than new’ – so there’s no need to source new laptops
  • Meeting sustainability targets, as using remanufactured laptops lowers Scope 3 emissions and protects precious natural resources

At a fixed cost of £150 per laptop, the remanufactured laptops are built to serve another full lifecycle of use. The remanufactured laptops are certified as equal to, or better than new, by the world first BSI Kitemark. Through the unique Circular Remanufacturing Process, laptops are made brand new both cosmetically and in performance. This ensures that all fleets of laptops are remanufactured to BS standard 8887 saving businesses up to 70% when compared to buying brand-new laptops.

Rod Neale, Founder and CEO, Circular Computing says: “The founding principles of Circular Computing were to disrupt the tech industry, so that it protects the future of our environment, planet, and respective industries. The industry’s current model of take, make and replace is both unsustainable and outdated making it ripe for disruption.

“We now have the technology and expertise to be able to prolong the lifecycle of existing technology to ensure precious natural resources are protected and old hardware does not add to the concerning e-waste crisis.

“Our new RaaS offering is an industry defining move, which offers larger companies the opportunity to reuse their hardware at scale, more sustainability and cost effectively, without a loss in quality or performance.”

 Steve Haskew, Head of Sustainability at Circular Computing says: “High-quality, reliable second-life hardware is the solution to the growing e-waste crisis our industry faces and the mounting sustainability challenges that organisations in every industry are dealing with.

“The introduction of our new RaaS offering democratises access to the innovative remanufacturing processes we have built over years of experience, meaning businesses can make substantial changes to their operations and meet important ESG targets without spending more money.”

Martin Townsend, Director for British Standards Institution Centre of Excellence for Sustainability, adds: “We awarded the BSI Kitemark to Circular Computing for its revolutionary process of delivering remanufactured laptops, which can clearly positively change how the tech industry operates. We’re therefore excited to see the launch of this new offering which we hope will encourage further businesses to adopt sustainable technology habits through ‘equal to or better than new’ second-life hardware.”

Companies from all industries are facing similar pressures, to go net-zero and cut costs while continuing the need for the latest technology to serve their workforce. Reducing Scope 3 emissions is a key step towards a carbon neutral future and the launch of RaaS by Circular Computing is an innovative approach to help organisations further their ESG focus.

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