ebay platform creates optimised listings fast

A new upgraded data optimisation platform released by Optiseller guides sellers through the whole process of creating an marketplace listing in record time.

The platform enables sellers to transform product data from a spreadsheet or text format into a fully-optimised eBay listing in a matter of minutes, saving sellers valuable time and resources. The platform has a Five Step Process; file upload and configuration, categorisation, variation optimisation, data optimisation, and review and export.

“It is no secret that marketplaces are the future of e-commerce, whether you are an existing business looking to expand, or a start-up looking to make an impact, this toolset will support your selling journey” explains eBay expert and Optiseller CEO Craig MacCallum.

“However, getting to grips with how to optimise your listings can be difficult, stressful and very time consuming. With around 19 million registered seller accounts on the eBay marketplace, it is now more important than ever for online retailers to set-up their listings correctly so they grab the attention of buyers. Optiseller’s eBay Data Optimisation Platform steers sellers at all stages and levels of expertise in the right direction to optimise for visibility, traffic and conversions.

“I know from experience that having a spreadsheet of raw data can be overwhelming, but this data really is the key to creating the perfect listing so you can sell more online. As data experts, Optiseller has mastered the art of onboarding sellers to eBay, and the Data Optimisation Platform is an upgraded addition to the portfolio of tools to help sellers.”

The platform enables sellers to transform product data in .csv or .txt format into eBay listing data.

It supports eBay’s Seller Hub Reports and MIP formats as well as an Optiseller format that can be used to upload data to a 3rd party listing tool.

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