Dynabook Supports Remote Workforce with Mobile Secure Client

Dynabook’s latest Mobile Secure Client (DMSC) enables organisations to create a virtual office for hybrid workers, with enhanced security. This is well suited to sectors which handle a significant amount of confidential and classified information, as well as for those operating a device sharing, device rental or Desktop-as-a-Service model which requires quick and straightforward deployment.

DMSC is an an easy fit with existing VDI infrastructures and offers robust security for organisations operating within the most sensitive of environments. This includes guarding against data theft by using an encrypted IoT Operating System that is loaded into the system RAM with each boot. No access is permitted to the IoT OS itself, and system RAM is purged at power-down with no VDI session data cached or retained.

At each boot, and during each session, DMSC communicates with an authentication server to verify it still has permission to operate. By doing this, any client that becomes suspected of being compromised can be remotely shutdown and prevented from further operation.

By securely booting into a protected OS that allows some user interface customisation, with no session data stored or cached outside the system memory, DMSC goes beyond the capabilities of traditional zero and thin client solutions without compromising on security. End-users can benefit from a full suite of ports and Type-C docking options for unhindered connectivity, as well as optional integrated LTE. Meanwhile, accessibility and external display controls, brightness control and volume control allow employees the ability to configure the device to their own preferences.

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