VIPRE’s releases solution to neutralise malicious email links with intuitive user education

VIPRE’s launch of its latest Email Link Isolation solution helps increase email security by neutralising possible attacks in email URLs. By rescanning and sandboxing the links every time the user clicks on them, zero-day email threats are removed.

A critical level of protection is delivered through click-time interception that then initiates a deep interactive scan and multi-point check on the URL for potential issues, protecting from both emerging and changing threats. Additionally, VIPRE Email Link Isolation will sandbox the destination web page from any link included in the email – including content loaded by the target page – shielding the business from any potentially malicious remote payloads.

Once the threat has been mitigated, the technology then goes one step further to engage end-user education by providing a detailed block page with a sanitised live preview to educate staff about the threats they can face via email. By explaining the potentially malicious content and delivering educational phishing videos, Link Isolation offers user education, developed through insights and learnings from VIPRE’s comprehensive security awareness training experience – right at the point of potential user failure, clicking on malicious links in emails. Andrea Babbs from VIPRE, comments: “Often, businesses believe that because they have some form of email security in place, their business is safe from email-based threats. But this is not the case, especially within the modern threat landscape. VIPRE’s Email Link Isolation is a powerful addition to our Email Security Advanced Threat Protection service, positioning VIPRE once again at the forefront of business email security“

“VIPRE Email Link Isolation is continually scanning and learning, building more refined threat responses. Because it scans every link in real time, ahead of user interaction, there is far greater protection from zero-day and real-time attacks compared to other services on the market. The first day that new threats arise, VIPRE Link Isolation is already prepared to detect and block them, protecting your business’ vital communication tool – email.”

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