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Platform.sh appoints Ori Pekelman and Fabien Potencier as CSO and CPO

 Platform.sh has announced Ori Pekelman, co-founder of the scale-up as its new Chief Strategy Officer, a newly created role for the company. Fabien Potencier also joins the management team as Chief Product Officer, following Platform.sh’s acquisition of Blackfire.io in 2021.

Ori Pekelman will focus on the external development of the company and strategic partnerships. One key objective for the new strategy team will be reducing the environmental impact of the cloud. It will also focus on diversity and inclusion at all levels and in all roles within the company.

The new team is looking to recruit for roles such as M&A Analyst, Environmental Impact Manager and Public Affairs Officer.

As the new CPO at Platform.sh, Fabien Potencier will be responsible for supporting the growth of the company, as well as optimising the solutions and the performance of services offered. At the same time, Fabien Potencier will retain his role as CEO of Symfony.

In carrying out the spin-off of Commerce Guys with Platform.sh back in 2014, we wanted to respond to a major problem in our ecosystem. Since then, we have demonstrated the value of our know-how but above all the need to simplify cloud infrastructures. In seven years and thanks to a global team of more than 300 people, we have successfully accomplished our international development. We look forward to taking up new challenges and leaving our mark on our ecosystem,” says Ori Pekelman, co-founder and CSO at Platform.sh.

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