Qualifio revamps loyalty with launch of new platform: Qualifio Loyalty

Qualifio has launched its second product, Qualifio Loyalty. It can be used with its data collection platform, Qualifio Engage, Qualifio Loyalty allows brands to create a rewards based loyalty system for their audience. Importantly, Qualifio Loyalty also enables brands and media to segment customers by level, based on their interactions with a brand.

Qualifio Loyalty enables brands to design, create and define their own loyalty programs without the complexity of technical integration and coding.

Completely customisable, the loyalty platform’s intuitive member portal editor allows brands to align their program’s interface to remain in line with their visual identity. Able to fully integrate with a brand’s current marketing tools, Qualifio Loyalty leverages already integrated data stacks to segment and reward engaged consumers, enabling existing solutions to utilise the information and begin further activation.

Where traditional loyalty programs reward existing customers, Qualifio Loyalty enables brands to reward consumers that are not yet linked to a purchase for simply engaging with them. This allows the brand to grow the individual’s engagement, better understand and segment the consumer and convert them into a long-term purchasing customer.

For customers, the Qualifio Loyalty platform facilitates a better brand experience that promotes a long lasting relationship. They can be rewarded by their favourite brands in a variety of ways for a wide range of interactions across multiple channels.

Quentin Paquot, CEO of Qualifio, said: “Retaining customers is vital for the long term sustainability and business success of any company. However, loyalty isn’t just a purchase relationship and it’s important for brands to recognise that. Our Loyalty platform allows brands to better engage with their audience and create a strong, trusting relationship that isn’t exclusively reliant on transactions.

“With the ability to integrate the Loyalty platform with Qualifio’s data collection platform, brands can provide interactive content that attracts new customers,” continues Paquot. “With Qualifio Engage, brands can build the interactions that they have with their audiences, and with Qualifio Loyalty, they can now reward them for these interactions.”

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