The metaverse poses ‘terrifying dangers’, academic warns: Do you agree? Roundtable Q&A

In the Dec-Jan issue of PCR we are hoping to run a Metaverse roundtable Q&A  so if you have industry comment to offer then please send responses to the below questions:
  1. Please could you briefly explain what the metaverse is?
  2. How does this have the potential to create a different virtual online world?
  3. What personal experience does the metaverse propose to offer?
  4. How can businesses look to access or seek commercial revenue from this? Or how will it be funded?
  5. Key concerns are that the metaverse could pose ‘terrifying dangers’ – how can it be policed? Please could you explain more about this and what the concerns and potential solution are?
  6. What conversations should industry professionals be having to protect metaverse users?
  7. Please could you explain a bit more about what mixed reality is in regards to metaverse and its use of AI?
  8. Who could potentially have control over the metaverse and what dangers could we encounter as a result?
  9. Please could you explain a bit more about what MR prototype systems have been developed, what they are and why they need to be policed?
  10. Please could you explain how industry leaders can go about creating an open standard?
  11. Please could you explain more about the risks of security, data and policing social behaviour within the metaverse?
  12. How will you be able to own things and how can you protect your own identity and belongings in the metaverse?

We will need about 100 words per question plus an image of the commentator.

Editorial dedaline is 20th November please send all responses to:

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