SEH Technology unveils full IPv6 support in major software update 

SEH Technology’s major software update to its utnserver Pro, dongleserver Pro and dongleserver ProMAX will be available for all utnserver Pro, dongleserver Pro, dongleserver ProMAX customers.

The major update will be available to work in pure IPv6 environments, enabling the UTN protocol to handle IPv6 addresses. This means the dongle servers can be bolstered in backend environments such as ISPs and also act as an interface in the public Cloud. Furthermore, VLAN and the associated management of VLAN are now fully IPv6 compatible, with simplified configuration for all IT administrators.

In addition to the already possible renaming of the USB ports, each port can now be allocated an extended description, which is displayed in the UTN Manager. Therefore, the end-user can be better informed about the use of identical dongles, as they are stored centrally on the UTN server and automatically displayed in the UTN Manager. Not only does this simplify administration, but it also ensures training is streamlined for users.

To further enhance usability, SEH Technology has created additional administrative groups with special permissions. This means the UTN servers now have three user accounts, taking into account companies credentials of higher-level administrators and USB specific tasks that can be delegated to lower-level administrators. Administrators have full access to the utnserver Control Center, with the ability to view and administer all aspects of the product. Users, however, have restricted access to the Control Center and can only view the ‘START’ page with basic status information but can not make any changes to the system. The new configurable user account USB Manager can be applied to the USB specific system. The administrators or project managers responsible for the USB environment in the company can see the ‘START’ page and monitor the users, as well as accessing the USB subpage from an administrator and configuration perspective.

The SEH Product Manager has also been improved to enable users to export or import device lists, meaning the utnservers are already pre configured in the SEH Product Manager across the entire network, without the need for an initial search and manual selection. Users will also benefit from an additional column configuration explicitly for SEH’s printserver, including printer model display, printer counter display and display of printer firmware.

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