Retail Marketing Group to launch new retail solution Storey

Retail Marketing Group (RMG) is launching a new digital retail solution called Storey, designed to enable live chat and video interactions to take place between consumers and trained brand representatives.

Customers will be able to have their queries answered and enjoy informative dialogue directly with the brand, with seamless switching from text to video, flexibility over video visibility, and easy sharing of helpful content.

The Storey launch follows a successful year-long pilot with LG.COM, who looked to RMG as a long-time partner to help the brand meaningfully engage with its customers online. RMG delivered an innovative virtual demo tool, with LG representatives interacting with consumers from the LG Broadcast Room in LG’s European HQ.

David Hall, Head of Digital at LG said: “The introduction of live chat and video demonstration on LG.COM has been a huge step forward for us in how we engage with our customers through the website. RMG’s Online Personal Shoppers bring their expert level of product knowledge to life through video and chat – allowing customers to receive up to date product information and get their important questions answered.”

Naomi Palmer, Digital Director at RMG, said: “RMG has a strong history creating connections between brands and consumers in the physical world. Our new Storey product allows us to create those same connections in the digital space. We help brands offer today’s consumer the options they demand throughout their purchase journey, in a physical environment or digitally through text or live video consultations.”

“The global pandemic led to a huge change in consumer behaviour, particularly with the accelerated adoption of digital technology. As physical store traffic grows now that restrictions have lifted, we believe consumers should have choice over whether they shop in store or online, and expect the same great level of experience wherever they choose to engage with a brand or retailer. This is what Storey can help retailers to achieve,” Naomi concluded.

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