Unisys Strengthens security with Unbound CORE for centralised key management

Unisys Corporation has deployed Unbound CORE to strengthen its security with centralised management of code signing and cryptographic keys.

Unisys chose Unbound CORE to unify the key management and security policies across the organisation – both for security standards and for efficiency. Alongside key management, they also required the capability to ensure the code it was developing was not being modified without appropriate permissions.

Unbound CORE creates a virtual mesh of an enterprise’s key management and protection devices, wherever they are – in any data center and any cloud. The deployment at Unisys supports code signing, digital certificates and encryption key management across the entire business life cycle, from app development to service delivery and transaction support.

Mathew Newfield, chief information officer and chief security officer at Unisys, stated: “While we were already doing cryptographic key management, we had different standards and technologies in place, resulting in uneven capabilities. Unbound has enabled us to standardize and is a trusted partner in providing us with innovative security solutions for our entire global data security team. Unbound not only provides us with the highest level of security for our organisation, but also seamless customer support, and they have been in constant contact for feedback, questions, and support.”

Based on multiparty computation (MPC), Unbound CORE eliminates the possibility of single point of failure in any cryptographic key, transaction, or operation. Unbound CORE platform includes an information security suite for solving encryption challenges associated with cryptographic infrastructure, data tokenization and code signing; an identity security suite that eliminates the need for soft/hard tokens and OTP otherwise required in an MFA architecture; and a crypto asset security suite that protects blockchains using policy-based transaction approvals. Unisys uses CORE for key management and advanced code signing.

Prof. Yehuda Lindell, chief executive officer at Unbound Security, said: “All too often, key management is siloed and fragmented, which creates inefficiencies and a barrier to business growth. With this partnership, Unisys is able to better serve its clients and reduce operational overhead while significantly improving the company’s security posture all at once. We look forward to continue building on a relationship that is rooted on innovation, trust and a forward vision.”

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