New Release enables better discovery and reaction to cyber threats

Vodafone and Accenture make enterprise-grade cybersecurity services available to UK SMEs

Vodafone UK and Accenture have launched  a new portfolio of enterprise-grade cybersecurity services.

The new Vodafone Managed Security Services offering with Accenture offers:

  • Cyber Exposure Diagnostic (CED) – Helping businesses understand how well they’d fare against a cyber threat and identify where breaches are most likely to happen
  • Penetration Testing/Vulnerability Assessment – Protecting businesses by carrying out simulated attacks to identify vulnerabilities in vital IT infrastructure before they’re exploited​by bad actors
  • Phishing Awareness – Helping businesses educate their employees and turn them into an additional line of defence by understanding phishing attempts

Additional services such as Breach Response, Forensic Services, Managed Detection and Response, and Managed Firewall will follow shortly. UK customers will also benefit from round-the-clock access to Vodafone and Accenture’s team of analysts and cyber specialists.

Anne Sheehan, Business Director, Vodafone UK said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Accenture to provide best in-class, affordable cybersecurity solutions to small and medium sized businesses, who often lack the resource or hiring power to keep on top of rapidly evolving cyber-attacks.

“As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and prevalent, – SMEs need to ensure they are properly equipped to assess, detect and respond to threats as soon as possible. All businesses should be future proofing themselves against online threats; not being properly prepared online is no different to leaving the front door unlocked – it leaves you extremely vulnerable.”

“Cybercriminals are a significant threat to businesses of all sizes with costly consequences, which is a particularly challenging financial burden for small and medium organisations with limited access to cybersecurity expertise,” said Harpreet Sidhu, who leads Accenture’s Managed Security Services globally.

“Vodafone and Accenture are committed to providing a market-leading security service offering across Europe with a long-term focus on co-creating innovative cybersecurity services that arm our clients with the necessary resources to rapidly manage and respond to cyber threats. As UK businesses continue to fall victim to cybercrime, we aim to offer our comprehensive portfolio of enterprise cybersecurity capabilities to meet specific industry needs.”

Earlier this year, Vodafone published a new report looking into cybersecurity and SMEs which asked the UK Government to provide further protections for small and medium-sized businesses by giving more support to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and making cybersecurity protections more accessible.

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