Glide Achieves Record Customer Satisfaction

Glide has reported record levels of customer satisfaction for project and service delivery across its UK B2B commercial and residential property and student accommodation connectivity portfolio into 2021.

Glide’s fully invested and scalable national network reaches around 100,000 premises across the UK and holds the position as a UK leader in infrastructure solutions for difficult-to-serve markets. Through its work to deliver first-grade and continuous connectivity across the UK, Glide continues its record Net Promoter Score (NPS) levels with +91.84 since September 2020 and +80 for service delivery in 2021, where Bain & Co, the creators of the system, suggest that above 80 is deemed ‘world class’.

Based on industry practice, Glide’s customer satisfaction capabilities were ranked across various elements of project implementation and delivery; speed, reliability, residents service, data and Service Manager. Latest customer surveys also indicate an overall satisfaction of 95% for project delivery. Significantly exceeding its benchmark of 85%, Glide celebrates unprecedented levels of customer service excellence that has enabled customers to withstand uncertainty through reliable connectivity.

“This level of customer satisfaction is a testament to the continued hard work and dedication of Glide employees this last year. Add this to our record year of retention, and it shows how hard Glide has worked to make this a real success story amidst such unusual circumstances,” comments Rhys Thomas, Customer Experience Director at Glide. “We are exceptionally proud to be a part of the UK’s journey to full fibre, whilst setting the standard for best practice and exceeding customer expectations through our specialist team.”

    Glide’s role in the provision of fibre connectivity has seen a significant increase in importance over the course of the pandemic to deliver ultrafast broadband that coincides with the demands of remote working and new services. In December 2020, Glide partnered with Grainger, the UK’s leading listed provider of private rental homes to enhance its residents’ connectivity experience by delivering increased base speed for all residents served by Glide from 100Mbps to 250Mbps, free of charge. Scoring Glide 100% for its service, Grainger cited that these higher speeds have ensured that residents can now work and play from home with ease and confidence.

Stuart Miller, Technology & Innovation Leader at Grainger stated: “We are committed to building enduring relationships with partners to enhance our market leading offer. Working closely with Glide, we are creating innovative solutions for our residents. At Grainger we promote the thoughtful application of technology to enhance our customer’s experience. We have an innovation pipeline of more exciting new capabilities planned.”

“These last 12 months have presented challenges that no one expected for UK businesses and the general public. However, it also marked a time where our customers needed us the most. Broadband has become a fundamental utility and a crucial lifeline for work, entertainment, healthcare, education and social interaction. We will continue to work closely with our valued customers such as Grainger, to ensure people have access to the fast and stable connectivity needed to thrive in our digital society,” Thomas added.

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