Infinet Wireless launches Quanta 5-18

Infinet Wireless has released Quanta 5-18 capable of delivering a throughput of up to 460Mbit/s in just 40MHz of spectrum.

Powered by Infinet Wireless’ Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, enables it to increase network performance several folds, the new Quanta 5-18 also offers energy savings with its low power consumption, and even faster deployment owing to its ease of installation.

Key capabilities include stable connection in harsh weather conditions, including extreme temperatures down to -40 °C, the solution is ideal for supplying last mile connectivity to enterprise and residential customers and for CCTV networks. It can be easily deployed on a lamp post, building facade, or historical centre and, unlike other wireless solutions which are often comprised of curved details that are hard to paint and impossible to cover with a film, Quanta Q5-18 can be painted over easily to blend with its surroundings.

“This highly reliable yet simple to operate and deploy solution will have a tangible impact on the ability of service providers to deliver the unfaltering and dependable internet services relied upon by end users globally”, said Kamal Mokrani, Global Vice-President at Infinet Wireless. “This has been achieved thanks to our advanced interference mitigation techniques, enabling the link to work seamlessly even in high interference environments, as found in densely populated cities, and of course its ability to offer the highest spectral efficiency and the highest performance possible in today’s wireless marketplace.

This new solution comes with a plug-and-play configuration and can be managed directly by Infinet Wireless network monitoring platforms. Additionally, users can access the company’s vast and growing educational platform which includes various courses on key wireless technologies, product installation guides, application areas, and more.

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