Top 5 Tech: HANNspree’s Martin Kent on the tech that has shaped his life

Martin Kent, Territory Manager at HANNspree UK, walks us through five pieces of technology that have shaped his personal and working life.


Move over Skype! A new way of communicating with friends, family and work colleagues has rocketed up the application charts. I have only recently embraced the benefits of Zoom but during a lockdown, what better way to group chat. Zoom has been my main tool for communicating with colleagues in Europe and Asia, ensuring we keep the cogs turning despite these unprecedented circumstances. This great piece of communication tech even enabled me to attend a good friend’s online birthday party one Saturday night, during which I was able to catch up with many other friends who it feels I haven’t seen for a long, long time.


Take my money! I get so much out of Spotify. For such a small monthly fee, the wealth of music available to me is amazing. I love that I can listen to a whole host of music from years gone by without rifling through boxes of tapes and CDs in the attic, only to discover that tape and CD players are almost extinct. Coming across an old favourite really puts a smile on my face, evoking many a memory. Creating playlists is really easy and I really enjoy that Spotify makes suggestions based on my music taste. This leads me nicely on to…


Other virtual assistants are available! But I am currently using Google Home. What a fantastic way to make life simpler. We use Google Home on a daily basis to interact with a whole host of services, but we primarily use the VA in my family to voice command our music selections. I am ‘trying’ to educate my daughters about the music I enjoy, but in reality, we typically end up listening to their choices on repeat.


iCloud storage is one of those really convenient tools that whirs away in the background doing a job that I, and I am sure many others, are guilty of neglecting. It’s great to have a helping hand to keep my data safe and back-ups automatically up to date. With over 3,000 family images, videos etc it would be disastrous if my iPhone was ever, lost, stolen or damaged. Thanks to iCloud storage I have complete peace of mind.


Another lockdown tool and a not so subtle product plug! This smart looking 32” monitor lets me work easily from home. The giant screen provides me with plenty of space to display multiple documents, and the 2k resolution makes everything look fantastic. When I work for long hours, I am really thankful for the low blue light technology, and the super wide viewing angles means my family can surround the screen to share multimedia and more.

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