Top 5 Tech: Noblechairs’ Steven Levitt on the tech that’s shaped his life

Steven Levitt, Business Development Manager at luxury gaming chair brand noblechairs, reveals five pieces of technology that have forged his personal and work-life experiences.


Pshhhkkkkkrrrrkakingkakingkakingtshchchchchchchcch*beep*beep*beep* – that’s the sound of dial-up. I am sure everyone can agree with me on this one, the internet is a weird and wonderful place which has had a huge impact on our lives. For me, I grew up in the golden age of AOL CDs being available everywhere and often used as coasters whilst hearing “You’ve got mail!” through the PC speakers. The internet has helped me through school, university, work and personal life today. I can’t imagine what life would be without it now.


This isn’t for everyone but it’s definitely something I feel is overlooked and is personal to me as I am deaf in both ears. Technology in hearing aids have improved over time. When I was young, most deaf people would have to carry a box around with them, nowadays it’s a little earpiece that does all of the magic. Technology enables me to live a normal everyday life which is absolutely magical to me. Without this technology, even simple things that people take for granted would have been impossible.


PC components is a vague one, so I am including all of the parts that make up a PC and the peripherals. PC gaming in general has changed my personal life, I find it incredible how fast the performance has increased over the years and also how stunning graphics have vastly improved too. Gaming has helped me pass time, wind down, and meet new friends. Also I wouldn’t be in the career I love. I literally live and breath PC gaming!


In general, mobile phones are not just phones anymore, they are pocket friendly computers that allow us to connect and interact with people across the world. It’s convenient for my personal life, for example, I can do a video call with my dad who lives in Australia for free! When it comes to work life, it means I can do my job out and about without worrying that my files or emails are stuck on the work computer.


Cloud storage has been a lifesaver at times, from backing up photos from my phone, to saving settings on a game/program, to working on Google Drive. I love being able to access my documents from any device no matter where I am, it means I can work more efficiently, be more organised and also share my projects with the rest of the team. I can only see cloud services getting better and better over time.

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