3M introduces new COMPLY attachment system for privacy filters

3M has introduced the new COMPLY attachment system for privacy filters into the UK and mainland Europe.

Designed to enhance visual privacy, support GDPR compliance and reduce the risk of visual hacking, COMPLY from 3M makes it much easier for users to share their screens when they want to, but protect them from onlookers the rest of the time. 3M says this makes COMPLY an attractive laptop accessory for IT resellers to offer their customers.

Unlike traditional privacy filters, the innovative attachment means filters can be instantly flipped up when users want to show what is on their laptop screen with other people, then back down to protect privacy. This reduces the likelihood of forgetting to re-attach or mislay a privacy filter.

The COMPLY attachment system is available to fit privacy filters in most laptop sizes and can also be retrofitted to existing privacy filters. There is a choice of three types of privacy filter film: Black Filter, Gold Filter, and High Clarity (ideal where optimal screen clarity is required). There are also four types of COMPLY attachment from 3M to fit any style of laptop, for both flat-front or bezel-displays.

Says Peter Barker, EMEA business development manager for 3M Privacy Filters, commented: “Privacy filters are a popular product among resellers, delivering an attractive margin and fit into their customers’ GDPR compliance strategies. We have seen an uptake in sales and interest in privacy filters since GDPR’s introduction.

“However, the quality between different brands varies greatly, sometimes with impaired clarity impacting the user’s viewing experience. Plus, we know some people tend to remove filters when they want to share their screens but then forget to re-apply them, or even lose them, putting visual privacy at risk. COMPLY from 3M overcomes these issues, giving users the best of both worlds: instant screen-sharing when they need it and visual privacy the rest of the time.”

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