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In this smart home industry, we all experienced an initial period where technology was launched with little market demand or understanding. Now, the smart home sector is one of the fastest growing markets in the consumer electronics world. EZVIZ is right at the forefront of technology and quality.

Consumers are now fairly astute to smart home and what it has to offer, security being one of the top categories in the smart market. In this article want to cover some key points as to why your customers should think more about the security of their property and, if they have even done a risk assessment of their home or office, to think about this further and look at the lifestyle element of smart security.


We challenge you and your customers to think about your property on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of security. How secure are your windows and doors? Do your own risk assessment and see what the outcome is. Fortunately, whatever the answer, EZVIZ has the solutions.

According to some statistics out there, 87% of burglaries occur via the front door where most do not lock their doors, mostly happening at the times when you are at work or on holiday. The rise of video doorbells has been a great deterrent to this type of activity, with the ability to receive motion detection alerts via your smartphone you can now guard the front of your home and hopefully prevent crime before it happens.

This leads nicely on to the exterior of your home, your rear garden and front/side areas of the house are also key zones to consider for security solutions. EZVIZ has a great range of outdoor products that not only help capture evidence, they can also help prevent potential crime from occurring in the first place. The key to camera security should not just be about capturing, but it should have an element of deterrence and prevention, ultimately that is the goal. Our Outdoor Floodlight not only provides a great outdoor lighting solution; it can also deter suspicious behaviour which you can either set automatically or manually via the EZVIZ app on your smartphone. This functionality applies to our Outdoor Camera too.


We all have busy lives, the more we can do to help put our mind at rest around goings-on at home, the more we can concentrate on other pressing matters. We have had more and more demand for our Indoor Cameras from pet enthusiasts and those that have young ones. The Indoor Cams are great for monitoring your pets and kids whilst you are out. With the use of two-way audio, you can have conversations or get your dog to get off the sofa for example.

Why not adapt with technology features such as IFTTT that allow you to combine other products. For example, if motion is detected via an EZVIZ camera, have it linked to a smart light so when you walk in the room it lights up, or perhaps you are on holiday and want to give the impression that someone is in the house.

These are some key points which can be re-iterated through great content and education on your site’s product page/landing pages and in-store displays. Ensure your end users have what they need to learn more and understand the category and products whilst pushing the ideology around the need for smart security and the lifestyle approach.

For more information on our products head to To stock EZVIZ products please contact Exertis UK for more information.

The article is partner content from EZVIZ

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