Google introduces Pixel 4 smartphone, Pixel Buds, Nest Wifi system and Nest Mini assistant

At its recent Pixel event, Google has unveiled the latest version of its Pixel smartphone, wireless earphones, a new Wifi system and an updated home assistant.

Pixel 4

(pictured above)

The Pixel 4 smartphone features two cameras on the back of the phone, including a new telephoto lens. When you combine this new hardware feature with Google’s Super Res Zoom software, it promises “exceptional image quality”.

Night Sight already takes beautiful photos in full darkness, and now you can use Night Sight for shots of the night sky, the stars, and even the Milky Way (when you find a clear night). Pixel 3 and 3a will also get a version of this capability with the latest camera app update.

Starting with the original device, all Pixel phones have HDR+ (High Dynamic Range). With Pixel 4, you can fine-tune the brightness and amount of detail in the shadows, helping with difficult shots like sunset portraits. Pixel 4 also has Live HDR+ in the viewfinder so you know exactly what your photo will look like, even when you’re using the new controls in tricky lighting.

What’s really interesting about the Pixel 4 is its Motion Sense feature, which uses a miniature radar sensor to detect movement around the phone. It can sense when you’re reaching for the phone and will initiate face unlock, or turn off the screen when you’re not around. New Quick Gestures let you skip songs when you don’t want to pick up your phone. Just wave your hand to snooze alarms, dismiss timers, or silence your phone ringer. Motion Sense is enabled everywhere Pixel 4 is sold, except in Japan where it’s coming soon.

You can pre-order a Pixel 4 for $799 and Pixel 4 XL for $899 now, and phones will ship globally on October 24th.

Pixel Buds

Google has introduced its new Pixel Buds wireless earphones, which offers instant access to the Google Assistant.

Promising to be comfortable and secure in your ear, the Buds promise to deliver high-quality sound with clear calls and a long battery life.

“Because everyone’s ears are shaped differently, we scanned thousands of ears to create a design that’s comfortable for as many people as possible. Pixel Buds have a low-profile look that sits flush in your ear. The stabiliser gently tucks in, and together with the interchangeable eartip, make Pixel Buds fit securely and comfortably, so they stay put even when you’re exercising,” said Google.

Pixel Buds have a unique hybrid design that keeps you aware of the world around you. The eartips gently seal the ear to isolate the loud outside noises, and to give high quality audio. The spatial vent underneath reduces that plugged-ear feeling, and lets through just the right amount of environmental sound so you can stay aware of the things around you.

Google Pixel Buds will be available next year in the US at $179, and will come in four colours.

Nest Mini

Google has introduced the second-generation of its Google Mini – the Nest Mini. Back in May, it brought together the Google Home and Nest teams under the Google Nest brand, hence the slight name change.

“We know that people love listening to music on our Google Home and Nest smart speakers and displays. Since launching the original Google Home, people have listened to billions of hours of music on our devices. So with Nest Mini, we upgraded the hardware and software to make it sound even better, and it really brings the bass,” said Google.

Nest Mini provides bass that’s twice as strong as the original Google Home Mini (measured from 60-100 Hz at max volume).

If you’re listening to music, podcasts and other types of media on Nest Mini, LED lights will light up as your hand gets close to the device, indicating where you can tap to adjust the volume. Google has also improved Mini’s ability to hear you in noisy environments.

The Nest Mini can dynamically adjust the volume of the Assistant, news and podcasts based on any background noise that may be happening at the time. So when the dishwasher is running and you ask for the weather, you’ll hear the Assistant’s response at a louder volume.

You can buy Mini for $49. Pre-orders are available now from the Google Store.

Nest Wifi

With Nest Wifi, Google says its taking everything you love about the original Google Wifi and making it even better, with a powerful router and a Wifi point that includes the Google Assistant.

The Nest Wifi system is actually two separate devices: The Nest Wifi router plugs directly into your modem, forming the basis for a strong and powerful home network, and the Nest Wifi point expands your coverage where you need it most.

Nest Wifi is more powerful than Google Wifi, delivering up to two times the speed and up to 25% better coverage. A two pack can deliver coverage for a 3,800-square-foot home. The system is scalable, so you can add more points later (or buy a three pack to start with) to make sure you’re covered. And if you’ve already got a Google Wifi network, you can easily add Nest Wifi to it for additional coverage.

The Nest Wifi point also has a speaker with the Google Assistant, which means it can do everything that Nest Mini can do. Google’s Nest Wifi will be available in eight global markets in 2019.

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