5 ways to innovate tech packaging in 2019

With a huge number of start-ups emerging with innovative plastic products, Damon Culbert from The Juice Guru looks at how the tech industry as a whole can create more effective packaging.

The global packaging industry is worth almost $1 trillion and forms a vital part of the sales experience in a number of ways. Not only is packaging a means of advertising a brand and building an identity, it is also usually the only interaction a consumer has with the brand, essentially making it the face of the company.

For brands considering how to innovate their packaging in order to capture consumer attention, features such as environmental impact, intelligent marketing and building trust are all key elements of effective packing in 2019.

Marketing opportunities

As one of the biggest trends in the world of YouTube influencers, unboxing videos offer a unique marketing opportunity which can be highly beneficial to the tech industry. These videos draw wide audiences from every age range and so offer a large market to be drawn in. The best way to make the most of unboxing opportunities is to create distinctive, shareable packaging either through innovative and unusual designs or through well-considered logo placement which is instantly recognisable to consumers.

Tech innovations in manufacturing

Innovations are happening all the time in manufacturing. As technology develops, packaging producers are adopting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) practices more and more often. These advancements include AI and machine learning which help to increase productivity and allow warehouse managers a better understanding of the stock at any given time. Machine learning can also be employed to monitor the production process and identify new ways of working, which may help increase productivity and reduce manufacturing times even further.

The rise of smart labels

In addition to industrial IoT uses, ‘smart’ labelling has created unique innovations not just in packaging but in marketing and sales as a whole. Smart labels can be used to track packages even more closely, allowing individual and commercial consumers to know exactly where their delivery is and when it can be expected. This is a great way to build trust with consumers and show dedication to customer service at every step of the process, which can encourage repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Design innovation

One of the biggest trends in packaging right now is ergonomics. The environmental impact of packaging is one that is constantly discussed so brands who create packaging where everything had a purpose can show that, even if they are unable to create truly sustainable packaging in the short-term, their design teams are taking steps to consider the need for every part of the product. In this way, brands are able to make an initial reduction to waste contributions even before any innovation in materials is available or economically viable.

Sustainability is essential

With governments around the world declaring climate emergency and targets such as the EU’s dedication to eradicating single-use plastics, the packaging industry is in vital need of innovation to avoid being behind the times on sustainability. A huge number of start-ups are emerging with innovative plastic products; some created from recycled products, some are compostable and some are created using natural products. These new products are going to be essential in reducing plastic waste, which will not only have a positive environmental impact but will also help win over ethically- minded consumers.

The tech industry is constantly innovating at a dramatic rate which continues to capture the imagination of the general public. Focusing on creating the greatest product possible shouldn’t draw attention from the ways packaging and branding are essential to building a brand and ensuring that customers pay attention long enough to get invested.

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